December 14, 2020

Five Reasons To Schedule A Winter Photo Session


1. THE SNOW – Who doesn’t love photos in the snow! A little snow or frost makes everything more beautiful and it's worth being outside. It gives your photos a bright and airy look.

2. Clothes – This is your chance to wear your comfy sweaters, scarfs, hats, mittens and peacoats. In addition, your “snow” boots you bought because they were cute but aren’t actually warm. Plus, it’s a great excuse to snuggled up. Bring some cozy blankets to snuggle up in. Snuggling is a great way to get natural photos as everyone forgets about the camera and shows true connections between their loved ones. 

3. Quieter locations – During winter popular locations such as parks or beaches are usually a lot quieter. Which means the freedom to move around and lets the kids run around. Having a quieter setting also causes less distractions.

4. Lighting – Even though winter tends to be more dark and dreary, it’s perfect for creating stunning images. It can be soft and dreamy or bold and brilliant but winter sunlight is never boring. Winter photo also allows more flexibility in choosing times you may be consider in the summer due to the harsh sunlight. 

5. The time is better – Summer schedules can be busy. Winter is a great time to get the whole extended family together for family photos. During the summer its hard to make arrangements as everyone has plans on the weekends.