May 18, 2023

How to Take Great Candid Shots of Your Kids


Those times when your kids are just being kids make for some of the most precious photos. There’s something about capturing those naturally playful, thoughtful or silly moments that are so different from posed photos.

If you are looking to capture more candid shots of your children, here are a few tips that will help.

Tip 1: Get down to their level.

As adults, we’re always taking photos from our height, but if you really want to capture special shots of your child so that their emotions come through in the photos, you need to take the shot from their level. Sit, crouch or lie down so that you’re at their eye level. 

Tip 2: Prepare for those candid shots

If you know that there’s a special event coming up or that today’s weather means your children will spend time indoors reading books and playing, have your camera ready because you never know when the perfect shot might present itself. It also helps to know your camera and its different shooting modes to increase the chances of capturing quality photos using the right settings.

Tip 3: Don’t aim for perfection

Candid shots aren’t meant to be perfect, they’re meant to capture everything about a certain moment so when one of those moments arise, snap away and find your favorite shot afterward. 

Tip 4: Keep your distance

Sometimes the best candid shots need to be taken from a distance. Once your kids are aware that you’re taking photos, it can ruin the moment. It helps to have a zoom lens for these instances so that you can keep your distance but still get quality shots.

Tip 5: Lighting is everything

Natural light does wonders when it comes to achieving the best possible photos so try to capture shots of your children while they’re outside or in a room with lots of natural light. If possible, stay away from the harsh midday light and if that’s not an option, some shade should help soften the images.

Capturing candid shots of your children allows you to relive those special moments time and time again and is a skill well worth mastering. 


How can I encourage my children to behave naturally and spontaneously in front of the camera to capture authentic candid shots?

A. Encouraging children to behave naturally and spontaneously in front of the camera can involve creating a relaxed and playful atmosphere during the photoshoot. Engage them in activities they enjoy or let them lead the way, allowing their genuine emotions and interactions to unfold naturally. Avoid directing or posing them too much to maintain the authenticity of the candid moments captured.

Are there any specific techniques for maintaining focus and clarity in candid shots, especially when taken from a distance?

A. Maintaining focus and clarity in candid shots, especially when taken from a distance, requires familiarity with your camera settings and techniques. Utilize autofocus features to track movement and ensure sharpness in the subject. Additionally, consider using a higher shutter speed to freeze motion and reduce blur, especially when capturing active or energetic moments.

Can you provide tips for editing candid photos to preserve the moment while still achieving visually appealing results?

A. Editing candid photos while preserving the authenticity of the moment involves enhancing rather than altering the image. Focus on adjusting basic elements such as exposure, contrast, and color balance to enhance the overall look while retaining the natural feel of the moment. Avoid over-editing or adding artificial effects that may detract from the genuine emotions captured in the candid shot.